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Direct trade-lower prices

How is it possible to lower prices by 30 to 50%?

This might be the immediate question that comes to your mind when reading this headline. Let us explain…

We have decided to keep the distribution of madetostay completely in our own hands from now on and to do without external trade levels. Sales without sales agents. If intermediaries, only those with whom we work closely together and who take over a part of the costs and tasks. We want to pass on these cost savings to our customers with new calculated, lower sales prices for all our products.

Why did you do this? What are the thoughts behind?

Direct trade with fair prices on all leves is the core idea. Regardless of whether you want to furnish a private home or, as an interior designer, face the challenge of realising a project with a customer, the madetostay product should reach you as cheaply and safely as possible without any detours.
To ensure that our prices are transparent at any level and to be able to meet our high standards of reliable and emphatic customer service with a personal connection to you are the main reasons for this step to switch to a direct route from the manufacturer to your place.

How does this decision correspond to your philosophy?

The philosophy of madetostay is a demanding collaboration of designers with producers or craftsmen to deliver the best possible quality directly to your home or shop without any additional margins. We are totally transparent in how we operate and why, including our pricing and information about the involved manufacturers.
The uniqueness of an outstanding product in quality, design and craftmanship is offered in a transparent supply chain at a fair price. This is it, no more, no less.

The lower prices, does it mean lower quality?

No, not at all. The madetostay philosophy is based on a very trusting relationship between craftsmanship and design. Our prices are in no way at the expense of the producers. Our experience has shown us that commercial price pressure is always passed on and ultimately leads to inferior quality. We see a price as a contribution and respect for the hands and minds of human labour resulting in unprecedented qualty. As makers of things, we know that good design and quality has a high price, but we know that it is a price that in all aspects of a products short or long lifecycle are cheaper than bad design.

What are the designers saying?

"Our cooperation with suppliers takes place without price pressure. It is very important to us to pay honest prices to the craftsmen and factories. This fairness and openness creates a close relationship and offers space for optimisation and further development of the designs, it allows new ideas to emerge. The producer works with joy and high motivation on our designs, the raw material, the design and the craftsmanship enter into a symbiosis. Dissatisfaction, as it arises from low price pressure, has no place in this interaction."
Carsten Jörgensen
"Based on the observation of behavioural patterns, we want to create durable, ecologically compatible products that give the people a lifetime of pleasure. The designs and ideas are not limited by commercial specifications and / or marketing thoughts. Rather, they are things that inspire you as a buyer and that find their own raison d'être in everyday use. Only then are we satisfied".
Peter Wirz

What about the other components of the prices, apart from production?
Of course, there are several costs; and we, too, have to make a margin to ensure our survival. The costs for the shipping and the storage of goods in our warehouse in Braunschweig/Germany are a big burden for us as a small company. It builds a constant cost block of about ¼ of the sales price.

Does your trade principle change or are you evolving?
"Our basic principles and the unconditional desire to distance ourselves from previous commercial systems have led us to rethink our distribution channels. From the very beginning we wanted to be different to the other brands and companies. We are direct, transparent and if you compare us with our competitiors we are a lot more affordable, the sales prices are much lower, without sacrificing on quality. We can rely on our suppliers, who are satisfied and motivated. To save further costs, we use the existing structures and experiences of our own distribution company of Carl Henkel GmbH."
Jürgen Henkel

Madetostay- more than another brand for interior design?

Our goal is to become a new movement of designers and craftspeople, to build a community, to create a network of like-minded people, architects, interior designers, retailers and clients that is constantly expanding. Let's call it cocreation, a creative process in which different participants take part to create emergent, new, previously unseen solutions, ideas and innovations.


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