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Carsten Jörgensen made the first sketches to the clothes hook named Captain Hook in 2011. What do you do and what do you actually need when returning home - or when you take a bath in the morning - or when you come into your home office… yes everywhere there might be a loud cry for “order!” from an imaginary Captain Hook Carsten thought. Home after a long day's work, there are the keys, the loose coins in the pocket, the sunglasses, the coat, maybe a hat and an umbrella! There are scarves in the winter and not least there are the designers Dalmatian dog named Coco who has been waiting with longevity for the morning walk, but doesn’t leave without its red leash and by the way, where are the poly bags of subtle matters? Captain Hook is always there with his hook and storage room stretched out to remind you of being tidy! Untidiness is banished to “neverland”! Captain Hook are made of cast aluminium and foreseen with 4 screws (enclosed) ready to take over the load of tired shoulders. The captains hook is exactly as strong as the wall its fastened to. The removeable melamine housing has this kind of matt surface treatment that makes melamine such a sensible material which will last for years and fit into any interior design. Functional design is madetostay.

Carsten Joergensen
Data Sheet
The collaboration between James Hsu - owner of Victory Marketing Corp. - and the designer Carsten Jörgensen has lasted for more than 25 years. Through all these years they have travelled together throughout China on the search for factories craftsmen able to produce demanding designs to the highest of standards.
Victory Marketing Corp.


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