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Latitudes and longitudes are the fictive lines that organize our globe and ease finding our way in an everlasting world. Therefore, our shelving system was named Latitude because it’s all about organising and making a place for our beloved objects at home or at work.

Made of 70% recycled aluminium from beverage cans collected all over Europe we believe that we have cleaned up a bit in the environment making Latitude. Made to stay means in this case Swiss made… swiss quality. Latitudes anodized black or natural surface treatment is made to last a lifetime if not longer. With 30 – 50 – 60 and 80 cm length Latitude organize your storage whether it is your James Joyce pocketbook or the wineglasses or storage jars in the kitchen making everything easier to find and not to hide. Latitude is although not just a shelf but a shelf with a hook making it even more practical. The triple hook can be turned and moved forth and back in the entire length of your shelf making its functionality eternal for all your hanging stuff.

Two screws are what you need (included) to hang the latitude… an instruction for use tells you the rest.
Carsten Joergensen
70% recycled Aluminium
L 300 mm + L 500 mm + L 600 mm + L 800 mm
Data Sheet
Based on innovative technology – environmental protection - recycling - Swiss quality -shaping aluminium since 1897, madetostay have found the right partner to realize our demanding designs. Alu Menziken Extrusion AG is the most modern aluminium extrusion line in Europe. That makes Latitude utterly unique.
Alu Menziken


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