Hobitat Diffuser Set Wood
Hobitat Diffuser Set Wood
Hobitat Diffuser Set Wood
Hobitat Diffuser Set Wood
Hobitat Diffuser Set Wood

Hobitat Diffuser Set Wood

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Hobitat is the name of a playful object with an ironic reference to the colourful 1980s Italian design movement Memphis… supposed to be a vase for the madetostay Mikado Scent Sticks. But-it is not only available in colourful ceramic but also in the wonderful Freixo Negro wood, what is natural black ash wood. Every shape is made by hand with an extraordinary sense for the finishing touch. The Freixo Negro Hobitat, with a set of Mikado Scent sticks, can become a really appreciated gift. A gift that will stay as a memory of that excellent craftsmanship.

Mikado sticks not included

Base – Rhombus – Donut
Carsten Joergensen
FCA certified black ash wood
Ø 60 mm x height 95 mm
Data Sheet
No wood craftsmen we know have the skills to select, dry and bring the most out of the turning lathe than the skilled craftsmen of Ferreiras e Marcelino. Since 1986, this small wood workshop and turnery has grown to become one of the finest small companies we know of sending their quality wood and cork objects to nearly any country in Europe and beyond. Ferreiras e Marcelino was a gift to the designer and a step further in realising an idea.
Ferreiras e Marcelino Lda


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