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Passion makes the difference


Working in a globalized world industrial production is a blurred matter, which not only touch global environmental issues but also is a matter of preserving a fast disappearing cultural heritage of design and craftsmanship. Simply spoken; we aim to realize products by skilled and contemporary European manufactures possessing an unrivalled sensitivity for quality. As makers of things we know that good design and quality has a high price, but we know that it is a price that in all aspects of a products short or long lifecycle are cheaper than bad design. We see a price as a contribution and respect for the hands and minds of human labour resulting in unprecedented quality! We work with people who do their things based on a heritage of strong and tireless passion for what they do.



Enlightenment made in Italy

Since we met with Barbara and Fabrizio Bellini  first time in their  office in Resana, a small village an hour nothwest of Venice, years after the first designs for madetostay, we had the feeling that we could build something important for the market together…that feeling hasn’t changed until now!

When they took us to the spraying room filled with cocooned lamps and white steel frames ready to be sprayed and we saw the two girls in their white dresses spraying the metal frames with silk like strings coming out of the spraying pistol, llevitated in elegant parable bows onto the rotating frame.The longer the spinning pirouette went on the more the web resembled a silk cocoon. Put aside on big racks in the spraying room the web dried and a small tension started to create extraordinary beautiful double curved planes between the wires, our excitement was boiling!

When the final last two protecting layers of fluent polymers was sprayed on to the web, the sun sent ultra hot light beams through the room’s windows and illuminated the lamp-cocoons ,it was not an illusion, it was the essence of a long waiting for an aesthetic moment. Dedication to quality and willingness to work on perfecting the product in close contact  with the designer is what makes Krelamp such a valuable partner to us.

 Glassblowing art from Portugal

Through our partnership with Vista Alegre, Alcobaça Portugal, we were able to take a deep breath of glassmaking history. The prestigious glassworks company is producing luxury objects in porcelain and glass since 1824, keeping a heritage of superb glassblowing craft alive.
« Over its long history, the Vista Alegre brand, which has always been intimately associated with Portuguese history and culture, has achieved unparalleled recognition and visibility. Public recognition, perceived quality and the company’s investment in innovation and design have turned Vista Alegre into one of the very few Portuguese luxury brands to achieve iconic status on a worldwide level. Having adopted rigorousness, sophistication and versatility as its core values, Vista Alegre has been able to harmoniously combine tradition and modernity, and remain attuned to cultural trends. Spreading Portuguese culture worldwide. »


To develop a product is in today’s world is a highly complex undertaking. From the first ideas to design to implementation look like a simple thing. We want you to know that there is more than just one designer behind every single madetostay product that there are often many craftsmen and workers who have worked together for many years to reach the high quality that any product send to market should truly have. For us, it is important to stay close to production and every single person behind what we put into life. Therefore, we have made it a rule that we get to know each of our suppliers in person, and some of them we even know for many years. We maintain a cooperative relationship built on respect for the craftsmanship, and we know that the workers are cared for with all kind of human respect needed to create the kind of luxury products that will last for many years to come. 



Magic in wood from Portugal

No wooden craftsmen we would know about really have the skills to select, dry and bring the most out of the turning lathe than Ferreiras e Marcelino from Leiria, Portugal, and their skilled craftsmen. Since 1986 this small wood workshop and turnery has grown to become one of the finest small companies we know of sending their quality wood and cork objects to nearly any country in Europe and abroad. Every single shape of the Hobitat is made by hand and with an extraordinary sense for the finishing touch. The craftsmen create a luxury product from a natural and sustainable wood named Freixo Negro, a name that adds a certain poetic tone to the Hobitat. Ferreiras e Marcelino was a gift to the designer and a step further in realizing an idea.



Ceramic with tradition 

We at madetostay wanted to explore the Portuguese way of making faience or what they call white clay ceramic as the tradition of faience-making goes a long way back in Portugal. Jomazé is such a Portuguese white clay manufacturer located in the area around the beautiful city of Alcobaça where the imposing Alcobaça Monastery with its gothic church housed the Order of Cistercians monks.



According to Jomazé,’ these Cistercians monks and their legacy was the foundation of an unbroken tradition of excellent decorative and artistic ceramic production. This know-how and artistic creativity exceeded far beyond the borders of Portugal. It is a heritage spanning some 7 centuries or more, so even Jomazés workshop only spans 3 decades. However, we believe that the DNA of all the ceramists we have got to know in this small factory is embedded in the shapes and coloured ceramic of each of the madetostay Hobitats…



Candleproduction in France


Finding the right people to blend wax in a way that releases the full potential of a perfumer’s creations is close to alchemy. Outside the city of Metz in the Grand Est region of France, we met Monsieur Coquillard and his candle makers. They have been making candles in their workshop Procado for nearly 20 years.



The pure natural Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) wax with no artificial additives makes madetostay scented candles release their pleasant light and fragrance for more than 40 hours. Sunflower seed wax is a hard, crystalline vegetable wax with a high melting point obtained through the winterization of sunflower oil and a gentle refining process. 



With cotton  wicks, our candles ensure a long and clean combustion, as well as an optimal diffusion of the perfume. For the candle makers it is a delicate process to find the right wick according to the type of wax used, the shape of the wick, the number and thickness of the threads and the cotton quality play an important role in this process.


However, Monsieur Coquillard was pushed to his limits in the production of Flambeaux Refill candles. He only received the specially made silicone moulds from us, as the wax could not be poured into a glass as usual. What composition is needed to release the candles from the mould without damaging them? He and his team had many problems to solve, but with the appropriate passion and persistence they were able to bring this project to a conclusion. He makes us extremely grateful for being able to add a small contribution to more sustainability.


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