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The people behind the brand madetostay

madetostay is a new furniture and lighting brand founded in 2017 by Kirsten & Jürgen Henkel in partnership with Swiss designer Peter Wirz and Swiss-Danish designer Carsten Jörgensen. Years of research and infinite numbers of design projects the two designers created during their long careers - as international renowned designers - was the seed to establish madetostay. "We wanted to make use of our long experience in design and design research and incorporate it with Kirsten & Jürgen Henkel’s deep insight in sales and marketing. We all aim to find another way to bridge industrial production with skilled craftsmanship and simply be happy to see good products being realized with those skilled and contemporary European producers who live quality."
With the name madetostay it was the purpose to reflect and express the essential experience a user would find in our work…so, for madetostay it is to make designs which are permanently, lasting and conclusively. Simply to debouche in quality, natural, honest and simple objects for the home and beyond… It is our belief that the sentiment of the companies’ name and the unique creative aesthetic and functional idea that makes an object worth realising must be “made to stay”! It is the creative benchmark in the process in which the designer realizes a lasting functionality, a sublime aesthetic, and stands up to a social and environmental responsibility. We trust that a functional inspired, artistic and passionate executed design over time becomes a lasting acquaintance in our day-to-day life and we trust that madetostay products will be more than a short-lived Liaison for its user.

We intend madetostay to be that of permanence opposing that of the excessive… and not least just for the fun of realizing designs not limited by commercial and marketing constrains but rather to find its own Raison d'être.


Kirsten and Jürgen Henkel

Our task is to get it going…our motivation for madetostay:

Doing it our own way: Creating an idea independently with friends and family, adjusting our common life to it and then working compassionate for the success of our madetostay project. This is what drives us and motivates us anew every day. Our brand madetostay is a heart project among friends with the focus on quality. From the very beginning we wanted to be different from the brands and companies which are always faster, farther, cheaper, bigger and which are always striving for the final goal of richness and disappearing into arbitrariness. Carsten, Peter, we both, and our families agree that we have a good chance to find a niche in the prudence of the advancing "Amazonization" and discount shops.
It is perhaps even easier than one might think: The uniqueness of an outstanding product in quality, design and craftsmanship is offered in a transparent supply chain at a fair price. No more and no less.
Our role is to organise this process. To deliver the product with all the quality requirements, legal regulations, logistical challenges in perfect condition for its intended use. In addition, we want to provide a good service for the buyer long before and after the product has been delivered. In 2010 we founded our trading company Carl Henkel GmbH and we use the infrastructure and the built-up know-how for deliveries all over the world. We keep our online shop running, we offer the possibility to communicate with us directly and with a network of like-minded architects, interior designers and dealers, which we are constantly expanding. It is not about gaining a lot of trade partners, we would like to invite partners who run their business with the same attitude as we do, with mindfulness, compassion, personality and lots of joy.


Carsten Jörgensen

Carsten Jörgensen, born 1948 in Denmark, holds an education as an artist painter and graphic designer from the School of Arts and Craft in Copenhagen. After years as an art teacher in Copenhagen, he started collaborating with the Danish coffeemaker manufacturer Bodum in the early 70s. Until 2003, Jörgensen shaped the entire product design of Bodum by designing the majority of the company’s products and was its creative director for more than 25 years. Jörgensen’s design has won international recognition since the 80s and is represented in major art and design museums around the world. Jörgensen has received numerous honours and commercial design awards in the USA, England, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, China and Switzerland.
After leaving the daily design work at Bodum in 2001, Jörgensen came back to painting and a self-study in art theory and philosophy, until he founded Jörgensen Associated in Shanghai in 2004: A self-initiated experiment proposed to bridge western design culture with the Chinese and to realise his dream of an interdisciplinary and intercultural design development philosophy.
Today, Jörgensen shares his interest and activities between product-design and writing on art, design and architecture. He lives in Lucerne, Switzerland, from where he continues to create experimental design objects as well as more commercial designs in collaborations with his partners in the design development company Idéons. Idéons is the company behind the brand madetostay. Jörgensen is not engaged in short-term trends, but in basic human values as a source for his design. In his works, he therefore proposes a reduced mode of expression comprising the idea of function and a contemporary social interaction with aesthetic values.

Peter Wirz

Peter Wirz, born 1960 in Switzerland, studied mechanical engineering and product design in Bern and the US. During his studies from 1980 until 1990 Peter Wirz was a successful world class middle- distance runner. He competed in two olympics and became European champion over 1500m. From 1992 to 1997 he joined the Danish coffee maker manufacturer Bodum where he meet and co-worked as inhouse Designer together with Carsten Jörgensen. In 1998 he founded his own design studio Wirz Associates in Lucerne. In 1999 he took over the renowned Swiss Design Studio M&E Design and in the same year Peter Wirz launched the co-operation with the branding agency PROCESS in Zurich. This with the target, henceforth covers design with a holistic full-service approach. In 2005 ventured Peter Wirz as first Swiss Designer expansion into Asia markets and founded its first Asian subsidiary in Taipei, Taiwan for branding and product design. In 2013 Peter Wirz expanded his company with two new subsidiaries in Hamburg and Hong Kong. At the same time he changed its company name from Process in today’s Vetica group. Today Peter Wirz serves with its 40 designers around 165 international clients on three continents.
Customers such as ABB, the Swiss Post, BenQ, Dell, KABA, Lufthansa, LAUFEN, ROCHE, STARBUCKS, Victorinox and many more, rely on the holistic brand, service and design approach by Vetica.The philosophy of Wirz geared to the desires of people (Human Centered Design) and the balance between business and design. These are the basics of Vetica and genuine of Swiss design.The projects of Vetica have been awarded more than 70 international design awards. so among others like the iF design award, the Red Dot Design Award, the German design award, the Good Design Award in Chicago and Tokyo and the Swiss Design award. Peter Wirz lectured and judged regularly design management and product design at the Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts in Zurich and Lucerne.
He lives in Lucerne, Switzerland from where he creates design objects in collaborations with his partners at Idéons.




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