About Us

madetostay is a home design company founded in 2017 by Swiss designer Peter Wirz and Swiss-Danish designer Carsten Jörgensen in partnership with managing director Jürgen Henkel.
madetostay became a reality because we missed meaningful values, developing products for globally renowned brands, which go beyond plain commercial consumption and decorative amusement. We wanted to make things better by scrolling back to what we believe is the essentials of design; Simply recognizing and questioning human needs and behaviour and turning it into meaningful, sensitive simple things for everyday life that will last…

About Manufacturing

Working in a globalized world industrial production is a blurred matter, which not only touch global environmental issues but also is a matter of preserving a fast disappearing cultural heritage of design and craftsmanship. Simply spoken; we aim to realize products by skilled and contemporary European manufactures possessing an unrivalled sensitivity for quality. As makers of things we know that good design and quality has a high price, but we know that it is a price that in all aspects of a products short or long lifecycle are cheaper than bad design. We see a price as a contribution and respect for the hands and minds of human labour resulting in unprecedented quality! We work with people who do their things based on a heritage of strong and tireless passion for what they do.


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