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Madetostay’s ambient and task lamps are available for use in all professional possible illumination projects. Since our producing partners has more than 50 years of lighting development experience we can offer professional architects and designers the opportunities to create site specific design projects whether you’re furnishing a restaurant, a shop, a hotel lobby or an office.

In site-specific contracting projects, we recommend undertaking analysis of needs and functions of the lamps. Consider how the space will be used and confirm lighting requirements. Check functional requirements for the lamps themselves such as energy efficiency or if a central intelligent lighting control system is in demand. Regulatory requirements must as well be analysed and confirmed by national and local authorities before a project or a development can take place. We shall be pleased to give  assist in all possible and impossible projects.

Custom Colors

You have the option to choose cable colors for the lamps from our selection which is per standard white, black, orange or red textile cables. If you have any other wish for your project, please bring it to our attention. We would be delighted by helping you to find the right match to your desired color of the cables.

The same goes for the color of the lamps in case it's possible to make. For example the T-House lamp could be made in a vast range of colors. The material for the Cocooning lamps is solely the one color which is offered, but this shouldn't limit your creativity. We have for example coloured the metal frames inside of the Cocooning lamps. This gave a totally different lighting experience. 

Custom sizes

Let's talk about your ideas. It might be easy or more complicated than it looks at the first glance to adopt a new size and handle the tooling costs for a different size of the T-House light for example. But we managed for a customer to make two new sizes which are now part of our assortment. The project had been a booth on big sanitary show in Frankfurt. We were asked for two smaller sizes, which we did and liked it by ourselves very much...

In Cologne we had the idea for a bigger version of the Bat Cocooning light. Drawings were made and it was an incredible experience for all of us. The big lamps are still in the foyer of one of the leading Cologne furniture stores and everybody is still delighted by the visual excitement.


Custom Luminaires

Yes, we would be interested to go into a project together with you. As an architect or designer you might know, that a project like that would need some legal aspects clarified. We should cut a long story in this respect short and say: Please contact us directly.


We are looking very much forward to your request. In this case please get in contact directly to Jürgen Henkel by mail 


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