Hobitat Diffuser Set Mono
Hobitat Diffuser Set Mono
Hobitat Diffuser Set Mono
Hobitat Diffuser Set Mono
Hobitat Diffuser Set Mono
Hobitat Diffuser Set Mono

Hobitat Diffuser Set Mono

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Hobitat is the name of a playful object with an ironic reference to the colourful 1980s Italian design movement Memphis… supposed to be a vase for the madetostay Mikado Scent Sticks. It consists of three individually stackable ceramic pieces. You can combine them with any of our Hobitat sets - available in 5 different variations and colours - to add your own personal touch. Mix and match colours, stack the vase high or low, it is for your own joy to play with shape, colour and scent - you have almost an infinity of combinations to enjoy. Between scented moments, the Hobitat can be used as a candle stick for standard taper candles also.

Mikado sticks not included

Base - Cylinder - Donut
Carsten Joergensen
Glazed ceramic
Ø 60 mm x height 95 mm
Data Sheet
The artisan producer Jomazé, Lda is located in the heart of the country near the coast between the regions of Nazaré and Alcobaça. A place where a long tradition in ceramic workmanship has been the everyday life of many craftsmen. Nowadays this area only counts a few workshops. Jomazé’s workshop has become an institution and survived the crisis of globalisation simply because they have been able to combine decades of a ceramists tradition with an innovative spirit.
Jomazé Lda


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