Mikado Scent Sticks
Mikado Scent Sticks
Mikado Scent Sticks
Mikado Scent Sticks
Mikado Scent Sticks

Mikado Scent Sticks

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5 pieces set of already scented PET fibre reeds. Ready to use without adding perfume, just place your Mikado scent sticks in the Hobitat Diffuser set of your choice and immediately enjoy the wonderful fragrance, let the Mikado scent game begin!

If you never have made a stopover in a desert and got the fragrance in your nostrils that are triggered by a "Desert Rain" you have missed something very important in exploring the world. - The fragrance of the oil in the Larea Tridenta desert plant suddenly become active in rain, perfuming the air with what the Arizonians have named "eau de desert". * A fragrance of exotic existentialism, love and freedom. The scent making us memorize a lost dream Stay home and let the mind travel… the scent will be in the air.

Terylene polyester fibre
Ø 3 mm x 220 mm
Data Sheet
Since more than 30 years Swif is developing and producing aircare products for the european market. The main competence of the IFS certified company is product safety, our by Swif developed scented reeds represent an innovation of the latest technology generation and meet the highest safety standards. The Mikados are produced without using any unnecessary solvents, just the luxury perfume of our madetostay fragrance collection.
Swif GmbH


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