The T-house lamp was as its name indicates a lamp designed by Carsten Jörgensen in 2007 for the Taiwanese Tea House smith&hsu as a part of an interior design project which Carsten Jörgensen undertook in the years from 2006 and onwards. During the years the T-house lamp was adjusted to various sizes and materials, but by launching it for an international market the T-house lamp found its final design in 2016 and the feature of adjusting the light source within the aluminium shade for a more flexible daily usability was added. Since the lamp became identical with the smith&hsu teahouse in Nanjing Road, Taipei it was important for the designer that the new version kept its name. Since it was specifically constructed for the small spaces with people sitting close to each other it was important to construct a shade that didn’t blind the Tea drinkers. At the same time it was a demand to create a sensible ambient light with a maximum colour rendering, meaning that the tea and the food served should show its natural colours as if it has been seen in sunlight as you experience it in April when tea is harvested for the first time of the year. It makes sense in a teahouse to depict the natural colours of what you put into your body, but actually another reason might be even much more acute. The Taiwanese live in a country with one of the fewest sun hours measured per year in the world, and I assume the demand for natural light must be immense considering the enormous amount of flickering, noisy fluorescent light tubes spreading its freezing cool light in all private houses, factories and offices all over the island, as disastrous as the amount of scooters polluting one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The lamp is available with 4 different finishes. Black outside with a white matt reflecting interior. White with the same white mat interior. Anodized brass outside and inside a white matt reflector and finally polished

Aluminium outside with a white matt reflector.

The lighting source included is a dimmable A++ LED bulb with a milky finish providing 1750 lumen at 18-watt, the same as a 75-watt incandescent light.

The colour of emitting light measured at the bulb is 2700 Kelvin, meaning the warmer end of the color spectrum toward yellow.

The colour rendering ability (Ra / CRI) is rated to Ra 90. An incandescent light will in comparison provide Ra 100, meaning that the colour rendering ability by LEDs is less. However, in comparison to other electrical light sources is the most energy saving lighting source known.

This is the reason we have chosen LED as a lighting source for nearly all madetostay lamps. With a guaranteed life cycle of the madetostay LED bulbs of 25000 hours it becomes a reason more to choose LED. Therefore we have decided to offer the same length of guarantee for the T-House Lamp.

The T-house lamp is beside the bulb delivered with 4 meters of power cord with your choice of 4 colours; black, white, red and orange.

To cover the power outlet in the ceiling we have included a simple to install white metal cover, which makes it easy to install, and you can even add another three T-house lamps if you have such a demand.

Due to the dim-ability of the light source it is easy to adjust the intensity of the light and with the adjustable feature the light cone angle can be expanded or diminished according to demand. The lamp measures 28 cm at the widest lower part and 40 cm high, making it suitable for domestic as well as public places such as restaurants.

  • *Please note that you have to have a dimmable switch to the place you want to place the lamp

  • **Please see the guarantee conditions in data files.

  • In the chapter What is good light? you will find a detailed technical description as well as all exact measurements

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