Upside down was designed in the years 2008 - 2009 by Carsten Jörgensen with the purpose of designing a simplistic lighting fixture that could be placed alone in a corner of a room or in clusters of three or more for a decorative and sculptural lighting effect whether in a domestic or a public space. The designer deliberately considered the shapes resemblance with a light bulb or a liquid drop. Seen in a frontal view it is looking like a 2 dimensional sheet of paper, but if the same shape was turned 180° upside down and rotated 90° around the centre axes the astonishing visual impact of double curved plans between the wires comes to deliver an equal astonishing light. The shape enhanced a visual dynamic effect when seen 45° to either the front or back as if it was screwing, either upwards or downwards. The naming of the lamp object became obvious!

We think that Upside Down is an ideal suspension lamp providing a sidewise 360° diffused light but as well an upwards and downwards light. Hanging alone it will be a nice illumination of a corner of any size of rooms. For bigger spaces the up and down screwing effect will create a dynamic sculptural illumination when hanged in clusters like grapes and will provide a spectacular light installation. Due to the dim-ability of the light source it is easy to change the ambiance of a specific room and specific occasion.

The lighting source included is a dimmable A++ LED bulb with a milky finish providing 350 lumen at 5-watt, a bit less than a 40-watt incandescent light.

The colour of emitting light measured at the bulb is 2700 Kelvin, meaning the warmer end of the color spectrum toward yellow and at the actual provided light measured at the screen is 2800 Kelvin and is for smaller rooms a good ambient light.

The colour rendering ability (Ra / CRI) is rated to Ra 90. An incandescent light will in comparison provide Ra 100, meaning that the colour rendering ability by LEDs is less but then in comparison to other electrical light sources is the most energy saving light source known. This is the reason we have chosen LED and simply because we find it the ultimate light for the cocooning lamps.

The guaranteed life cycle of the madetostay LED bulbs are 25000 hours, the same as for the Upside Down lamp shade.

Shaped over an internal white powder coated steel structure supporting the cocooning polymer (plastic) fibre the cocooning screen is provided with two protecting translucent matt lacquer finishes making it possible to clean the surface of dust and other emissions from the air. The cocooning is soft and can withstand pressure from non sharp objects. If deformed it will after a short time regenerate to its original shape but should not be set under continuous pressure from any objects.

Upside Down is delivered with 4 meters of power cord with your choice of 4 colours; black, white, red and orange.

To cover the ceiling power outlet we have included a simple to install white metal cover, which allows for three lamps to be connected and hanged in a cluster.

The Upside Down lamp measures 30 cm in diameter and is 52 cm high.

  • *Please note that you have to have a dimmable switch to the place you want to place the lamp

  • **Please see the guarantee conditions in data files.

  • In the chapter What is good light? you will find a detailed technical description as well as all exact measurements

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